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Reverse IP Lookup
Find all sites hosted on a given server.

Domain / IP
Chinese Firewall Test
Checks whether a site is accessible from China.

URL / Domain
IP History    [NEW!]
Show historical IP addresses for a domain.

Domain (e.g.
DNS Report
Provides a complete report on your DNS settings.

Domain (e.g.
DNS Propagation Checker
Check whether recent DNS changes have propagated.

Domain (e.g.
Port Scanner
Check if common ports are open on a server.

Domain / IP
IP Location Finder
Find the geographic location of an IP Address.

Iran Firewall Test
Check whether a site is accessible in Iran.

Site URL / Domain
Domain / IP Whois
Lookup information on a Domain or IP address.

Domain / IP
Is My Site Down
Check whether a site is actually down or not.

Domain (e.g.
DNS Record Lookup
View all DNS records for a specified domain.

Domain (e.g.
Google Pagerank Checker
Instantly check the Google Pagerank of any domain.

Domain (e.g.
Get HTTP Headers
View the HTTP headers returned by a domain.

Spam Database Lookup
Determine if your mail server is on any spam lists.

Reverse DNS Lookup
View the reverse DNS entry for an IP address.

Trace the servers between ViewDNS and a remote host.

Domain / IP
Test the latency of a remote system from ViewDNS.

Domain / IP
Test if any domain name is configured for DNSSEC.

Domain (e.g.
ASN Lookup
Lookup information on an ASN.

Autonomous System Number (e.g. 3456)
Abuse Contact Lookup
Find the abuse contact address for a domain name.

MAC Address Lookup
Determine the manufacturer of a network device.

MAC Address (e.g. 00-22-15-11-22-33)
URL / String Decode
Convert a URL with '%##' values to a readable format.

URL / String
Free Email Lookup
Determine if a domain provides free email addresses.

Domain (e.g.

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