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The API allows webmasters to integrate the tools provided by into their own sites in a simple and effective manner.

Output from this API can be in the following formats:

Comprehensive documentation on the functionality of our API can be found in our documentation library.


API plans

Below are the baseline plans for our API service. These are the most popular packages chosen by our customers. If your needs aren't covered by the packages below, please contact us for a custom package quote here.

Sandbox Developer Professional
(most popular)
Business Enterprise
Price Free $39.95/month $99.95/month $349.95/month Contact Us
Monthly Query Limit 250 (non recurring) 2,500 15,000 100,000 1,000,000 +
Tools Supported All API enabled tools except Whois
(see docs)
All API enabled tools
(see docs)
All API enabled tools
(see docs)
All API enabled tools
(see docs)
All API enabled tools
(see docs)
Custom tools available
Intended Use Testing out our API Low volume usage of our DNS tools Medium volume usage of our DNS tools

The best plan to get started with the API for commercial purposes
High volume usage of our DNS tools Very high volume usage of our DNS tools

Upgrading, downgrading or cancelling your subscription can be done at any time without cost. If you for some reason are not happy with the service, simply contact us and we'll do our best to ensure that your problems are solved as quickly as possible.

Need a higher query limit?

Planning to to use more queries than our Enterprise plan? No problems!

If you have a need for an extra large number of queries per month, simply contact us and let us know your requirements. We can even provide dedicated API instances for your company in order to provide the maximum speed and redundancy for any type of mission critical application.

Don't worry. We can handle it!

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