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Is My Site Down

Checks whether a specified site is down or not. Checks using a number of logical steps in order to assist in troubleshooting the cause of any outage that may be in progress (and what to ask of your web host). A great way to test if your site is down or not.

Is My Site Down results for

The site is not accessible to our systems.
Please follow the suggestions below to help rectify this issue and run the test again.

StatusTest CaseInformation
FAILEDDNS resolves for your hostnameIt looks like DNS resolution of your hostname has failed.

Check to make sure that you have entered valid nameservers for your domain and that these nameservers are working correctly.

If your site is hosted with a web-hosting company and you have followed their instructions for adding nameservers to your domain, please contact them and inform them that DNS resolution of your domain is not working.
INFOYour server responds to pingsUnable to run test, DNS resolution failed.
INFOCheck that webserver ports are openUnable to run test, DNS resolution failed.
INFORetrieve site titleUnable to run test, DNS resolution failed.

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