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Is My Site Down

Checks whether a specified site is down or not. Checks using a number of logical steps in order to assist in troubleshooting the cause of any outage that may be in progress (and what to ask of your web host). A great way to test if your site is down or not.

Is My Site Down results for

The site appears to be working fine. If you are still having trouble seeing it, please try the following
- Clear all cookies / history in your browser
- Restart your PC and Internet modem
- Flush your local DNS cache
     - For Windows, run the command 'ipconfig /flushdns'
     - For Mac OSX (Leopard), run the command 'dscacheutil -flushcache'
     - For Mac OSX (<10.5.1), run the command 'lookupd -flushcache'
     - For Linux, run the command '/etc/init.d/nscd restart'
- Check that there are no DNS propagation errors by using our DNS Propagation Checker

StatusTest CaseInformation
PASSEDDNS resolves for your hostnameYour site resolves to the following IP address(es):  whois - ip location - traceroute - ping
WARNINGYour server responds to pingsIt looks like the server is either down or configured to not respond to pings. This is OK, however, as many servers will do this for security reasons so we'll keep going.
PASSEDCheck that webserver ports are openPort 80 is OPEN
Port 443 is OPEN  full port scan
INFORetrieve site title银河国际登录

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