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The tools provided by allow users to gather a large amount of data about a given website or IP address. The worth of this data can sometimes be undervalued when looked at in it's raw form, but when placed in context can be quite powerful. This section aims to demonstrate some of the information that can be discovered using tools available on this site.

Current State of Internet Censorship in Iran
Internet usage in the Islamic Republic of Iran has increased significantly since the country's first Internet link went live in 1993, second only now to Israel when comparing the percentage of the population with Internet access. This presents a problem for a regime with a well documented history of press censorship as many users see the Internet as an opportunity to have their voices heard outside the reach of the Iranian Government. In response, in 2006 the Iranian Government began to dramatically increase its censorship of the Internet In Iran.

In this article, we examine the state of the Internet in Iran by conducting a survey to determine whether top sites across all categories of the Internet are censored in Iran.

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DNS Cache Poisoning in the People's Republic of China
Internet censorship in the People's Republic of China is but the modern day manifestation of the China's long history of literary censorship. In 213 B.C. emperor Qin Shi Huang ordered almost all books, with few exceptions, be burnt in order to prevent comparisons of his leadership with past leaders. Some 2000 years later, with the rise to power of the Chinese Communist Party, censorship in the People's Republic of China increased yet again.

Since it's rise to power in 1949, the Chinese Communist Party has mandated that countless films, books, newspapers and television shows be destroyed or cancelled. In its constant battle to prevent negative images of its time in power, the People's Republic of China has adapted it's censorship schemes for modern times, with the introduction of the 'Golden Shield' Project by the Ministry of Public Security. The goal of this project was to implement what is now known as the 'Great Firewall of China', a system to allow the Chinese Communist Party to control Internet use within China.

This system uses a number of different techniques in order to achieve this goal, with one of the more common being DNS cache poisoning. This article will cover the basics of DNS cache poisoning as well as take a look into how it has been implemented by the Great Firewall of China.

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Inside the DOJís domain name graveyards
Between November 2010 and May 2011, the US Department of Justice (DOJ), under many banners including the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), seized over 140 domain names from sites allegedly engaged in the "illegal sale and distribution of counterfeit goods and copyrighted works" or other illegal activities.

But what exactly happens when domains are seized in such a manner? How is it done, and where do they end up? This article provides insight into the takedown process as well as providing a unique look into the DOJís domain name graveyard.

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